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Wholesale Mobility

Reach 300m Sub-Saharan Africans through One Door

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Wholesale Mobility is a centre of excellence driven by optimal solution planning and product performance facilitating direct and secure global communication flow between Africa and the World. Y’elloConnect Communications Platform is a centralised connection to MTN infrastructure, and the fastest way to market through GlobalConnect managing brand engagement, quality control, and enhanced security. The platform facilitates digital inclusion by securing global communication access across all bearer technologies.

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Y'elloConnect Messaging

The Y’elloConnect SMS Platform is a centralised messaging, monetisation and security gateway that allows efficient and effective management of international SMS traffic. It enables incoming and outgoing international Peer-to-Peer (iP2P) P2A, and Application-to-Peer (iA2P) SMS, firewalling, and carriage. The solution is responsible for analysing, filtering unsolicited SMS, correcting onward routing and providing reports and insights on international SMS. It enables partnerships with Enterprise & Aggregator customers, message exchange with destination operators to unlock opportunities to progress digital inclusion, ultimately representing mutual value creation.

Services: P2P, A2P, P2A

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Y'elloConnect Voice

The Y’elloConnect Voice Platform is the main carrier of all cross-border voice telephony to and from 20 countries across Africa and the Middle East, reaching 280 MTN million mobile subscribers. It offers direct connectivity with all major African and Middle Eastern operator groups, as well as fraud monitoring, detection and prevention.

Services: International Voice Gateway Services, Virtual Cloud Numbering System (CNS)

Smart Alarm System

Y'elloConnect IPX

Y’ello Connect IPX helps mobile operators create a future-proof network design that reduces cost, establishes security, and premium quality control. The solution enables you introduce new interconnect and roaming services into our Pan-African market and puts you in charge of your business’s exponential growth. Your customers enjoy an optimal user experience, and your business benefits from an increased roaming Net Promoter Score (NPS).


Services: All IP-based services, including LTE & 5G, VoLTE, Mobile IoT and RCS.

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Y'elloConnect Roaming

The Y’ello Connect Roaming Platform is a central entity that provides the technical and commercial means to facilitate the deployment and operation of International Roaming Services between the MTN Mobile Network Operators and the Elected Roaming Partners. Our solution is compliant with the GSMA requirements and is an Open Connectivity compliant Roaming Hubbing Provider.

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